Connectivity Services

Telehealth demands reliability. GCI has more than 30 years of telecommunications experience in some of the world’s harshest environments. We have the know-how to create a network that is rock-solid – nothing less meets our standards.

For organizations that desire data connection between two or more facilities, GCI Healthcare can create a secure, reliable, and, most importantly, private connection between separate locations. Our services are customized for your needs, whether connecting multiple facilities within your organization; or establishing connections with other organizations, such as specialty hospitals or advanced-care facilities. Connectivity is provided according to your specific requirements, including the level of bandwidth needed, security measures, user authentication, and more. Connectivity options include:

Dedicated Circuits

A private, dedicated, and secure circuit between two or more locations gives organizations a strong foundation for a telehealth program. A dedicated circuit is free from outside data interference, so facilities can exchange mission-critical and life-saving data with other facilities without fear of a security breach or traffic congestion. Many commercial ISPs offer dedicated circuits, but they do not have the specific experience working with medical organizations and within HIPAA constraints to help facilitate telehealth success. GCI Healthcare provides dedicated circuits to healthcare facilities with speeds up to 10 mbps. As your managed service provider, GCI will handle the management, monitoring, and maintenance of these circuits.

Virtual Private Network

A managed virtual private network (VPN) from GCI Healthcare provides anytime/anywhere access where designated users can securely connect to their network. Through our point-of-presence (POP) facilities, we provide you with controlled and authenticated access that defines who has access, and to what specific resources. The VPN can be deployed as a hardware- or software-based solution. With a managed VPN in place, physicians, nurses, administrators, and staff can access network information faster and flexibly. This helps increase productivity, as well as creating an empowered working environment that drives organizational efficiency.