Medical-Grade Internet

Providing great healthcare over the network is more than business as usual. We understand the constraints healthcare providers face, such as HIPAA guidelines for strict security requirements to ensure patient privacy. Our Medical-Grade Internet is designed to meet the demanding patient-privacy and data-security needs of clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations.

GCI Healthcare's competitively priced Medical-Grade Internet service is available at a variety of bandwidth levels. Customers can purchase bandwidth capacity up to a gigabit, directly through GCI’s Internet core. GCI also strives to provide top-quality, reliable Internet service through a zero-percent congestion and packet-loss model. Customers who purchase a megabit of bandwidth will always have access to that level of bandwidth. GCI Healthcare's Medical-Grade Internet is monitored 24/7 by GCI’s network support center. In the event of a service outage or disruption, GCI will immediately notify the customer and deploy a technical team to restore service as quickly as possible.


GCI Healthcare's enhanced firewall services guard against data leakage and network intrusion. We will set up and manage your firewall and router services, customized to your organization’s security policies. Access controls are configured to your standards. Upon request, we will perform a full audit of the firewall configurations to ensure that each device and network is performing at the right level of network protection. Our firewall service helps keep your data exchange and network traffic safe and interruption-free, so you can focus on critical organization tasks.

Traffic Shaping

GCI Healthcare's traffic shaping services optimize your network performance, allowing you to control which applications, facilities, or hosts receive the highest network priority. This helps you manage the flow of data so that the most important information exchange always takes place without interruption. And it ensures that your mission-critical, high bandwidth services – such as video conferencing or audio streaming – are never compromised, regardless of network volume.

Content Filtering

GCI Healthcare's content filtering service isolates and prevents malicious viruses and inappropriate content from reaching your network. Our solution allows you to create different levels of access, monitor Internet activity in real time, and lock down devices that have exceeded administrator-defined content limits. Administrators have the flexibility to filter by several variables including URL, IP, device, and site.