You have a vision of how information exchange can help your organization, your patients, and your community. GCI Healthcare has the experience and capability to make that vision a reality.

GCI Healthcare can guide you through the challenges of adopting new technologies and transforming business process, while designing and implementing a network solution that meets your specific objectives. Whether your telehealth objective is to reduce patient risk, increase reimbursement, or improve care quality, GCI Healthcare is passionate about helping you reach your goals.


GCI ConnectMD Medical Network Solutions

The foundation of effective telehealth is a dependable, secure network. GCI ConnectMD Medical Network Solutions gives you a network that can grow and adapt to meet all of your health and business needs.

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Telehealth Video Services

Video conferencing can transform healthcare by making critical specialists available in the most remote locations. But implementing a video conference solution for healthcare can be challenging. It requires an experienced, dedicated services provider. It requires GCI Healthcare.

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Connectivity Services

Telehealth demands reliability. GCI has more than 30 years of telecommunications experience in some of the world’s harshest environments. We have the know-how to create a network that is rock-solid – nothing less meets our standards.

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Medical-Grade Internet

Providing great healthcare over the network is more than business as usual.  Our Medical-Grade Internet is specifically designed to meet the demanding patient-privacy and data-security needs of clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations.

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Training and Education

We can help bring world-class medical continuing-education and professional-growth training directly to your location. That saves you the time and cost of traveling for off-site training.

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