Swedish Medical Center: Mobile Mammography

Breast-Screening Program on Wheels Provides Women with State-of-the-Art Cancer Awareness and Prevention Tool

Swedish Medical Center’s Mobile Mammography Program delivers potentially life-saving technology to women in communities that would otherwise have little to no access to advanced breast-cancer screening. Using ConnectMD’s secure medical network, Swedish is able to improve healthcare access by expanding the boundaries of its care network.


Transportation issues and a shortage of specialized physicians have left women in rural Washington with limited regular access to breast-cancer screening. To reduce the disparities in care between rural and urban areas, Swedish developed the Mobile Mammography Program, a full-service, self-contained clinic on wheels designed to make breast-cancer screening more convenient and to increase outreach to underserved communities. To be fully effective, Swedish needed to equip its rolling clinics with a secure, reliable method for transmitting high-definition images – often very large file sizes – to breast-screening radiologists at Swedish.

The Solution

Swedish didn’t have to look far to find a medical network solution. Swedish’s telehealth department already relied on GCI for telecommunications and was able to upgrade to GCI ConnectMD’s secure medical network. With this connectivity, Swedish now securely exchanges critical medical images – including MRIs, CT scans, and other advanced DICOM images – from the mobile clinics to Swedish-based radiology experts. In addition to its use in the Mobile Mammography Program, Swedish’s uses ConnectMD in its telestroke program, where doctors and neurosurgeons can view CT scans from remote patients in real time, then instantly provide stabilization or transfer recommendations. The use of ConnectMD’s dedicated managed connection has allowed Swedish’s specialty provider teams to provide immediate advice to patients who may not otherwise have access to these services.

Customer Profile

Named the Seattle area’s best hospital by the National Research Corporation – with the best doctors, nurses, and overall care in a variety of specialty areas – Swedish has been a hallmark for healthcare excellence for more than 100 years. In addition to general medical and surgical care, Swedish is known as a regional referral center, providing specialized treatment in areas such as cardiovascular care, cancer care, neuroscience, orthopedics, high-risk obstetrics, pediatric specialties, organ transplantation, and clinical research.