Telehealth. Simplified.

When a health organization needs to expand its reach so its patients receive the best care possible, regardless of where they live, telehealth is the answer.

But launching a telehealth network is a daunting task. Healthcare providers must navigate the costs and complexity of such a system, maintain network interoperability, balance expectations with resources, and meet key responsibilities around HIPAA security and privacy. All while remembering that any actions are not simply mission-critical. They are life-critical.

At GCI Healthcare, we make telehealth a reality.


You have a vision of how information exchange can help your organization, your patients, and your community. GCI Healthcare has the experience and capability to make that vision a reality.

GCI Healthcare can guide you through the challenges of adopting new technologies and transforming business process, while designing and implementing a network solution that meets your specific objectives. Whether your telehealth objective is to reduce patient risk, increase reimbursement, or improve care quality, GCI Healthcare is passionate about helping you reach your goals.


GCI ConnectMD Medical Network Solutions

The foundation of effective telehealth is a dependable, secure network. GCI ConnectMD Medical Network Solutions gives you a network that can grow and adapt to meet all of your health and business needs.

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Telehealth Video Services

Video conferencing can transform healthcare by making critical specialists available in the most remote locations. But implementing a video conference solution for healthcare can be challenging. It requires an experienced, dedicated services provider. It requires GCI Healthcare.

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Connectivity Services

Telehealth demands reliability. GCI has more than 30 years of telecommunications experience in some of the world’s harshest environments. We have the know-how to create a network that is rock-solid – nothing less meets our standards.

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Medical-Grade Internet

Providing great healthcare over the network is more than business as usual.  Our Medical-Grade Internet is specifically designed to meet the demanding patient-privacy and data-security needs of clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations.

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Training and Education

We can help bring world-class medical continuing-education and professional-growth training directly to your location. That saves you the time and cost of traveling for off-site training.

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About Us

GCI Healthcare is your path to telehealth.

For 17 years, we have partnered with healthcare facilities across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to help them achieve their connectivity goals. As the healthcare division of GCI, the largest telecom in Alaska, our services allow facilities to securely and reliably exchange health-related information. We serve as our customer’s trusted partner, helping them adopt new technologies and managing their network seamlessly so they can focus on healthcare. No other provider can match our combination of technical and clinical expertise, our skill in providing custom medical network solutions, and our passion for bringing telehealth to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Our Team


Bio-2018-Pam Lloyd.jpg

Pam Lloyd, Ph.D.
Vice President, GCI Government, Healthcare & Education

Pam provides the strategic management and product development roadmap for GCI Healthcare. The main inspiration for Pam’s work is advocating for broadband access to underserved communities, where she has contributed much of her time and expertise to a variety of state and national organizations. Now a widely respected strategist and visionary in her field, she has earned the trust and respect of many other leaders in Alaska and nationwide.  


Ken Wynn
Program Manager, GCI Healthcare

Ken brings a variety of experiences to GCI Healthcare. His 20 years of experience includes working in healthcare finance/analytics and insurance underwriting (health and workers compensation). Prior to joining GCI Healthcare, Ken was the Business Manager for the Children’s Hospital at Providence, where he was responsible for financial reporting, EHR process improvement, and productivity assessment activities.  In his current role, Ken is focused on analyzing the healthcare market segment within Alaska and identifying new business opportunities.

Bio-2018-Sandy Kukla.jpg

Sandy Kukla
Senior Manager, Clinical Informatics & Telehealth

Sandy has more than 30 years of experience in various healthcare disciplines, including: hospital and emergency room nursing, practice administration, Director of Hospital Business Services, application implementation and training, IT financial and clinical application analysis, medical financial consulting, and clinical analytics. Sandy is a board member of the Telehealth Alliance of Oregon, Washington Technology Exchange Advisory Board, and a member of ATA, MGMA, HFMA, AHIMA, HCCA, and is a certified EMT. Sandy is very active in chronic care initiatives, patient safety initiatives, and the advancement and implementation of telemedicine applications.

Bio-2018-Jon Larson.jpg

Jon Larson
Healthcare Account Manager

Jon leads the sales cycle for GCI Healthcare customer from start to finish. He is responsible for assessing the needs of the large, urban healthcare organizations in Alaska to identify areas of improvement and offer solutions that leverage the GCI Healthcare suite of services.

Bio-2018-Paloma Hawn.jpg

Paloma Field
Sales Engineer

Paloma is responsible for providing quality pre-sales technical support to GCI Healthcare customers including assessing their voice, video, data, Internet and application requirements. She works with customers on the technical aspects of their service including distance education, videoconferencing and more. Paloma is also tasked with resolving technical issues and works closely with the technical services team to ensure timely and consistent service delivery and support.

Bio-2018-Mike Mack.jpg

Michael Mack
Sales Engineer

Michael brings 25 years of hands-on networking experience to the GCI Healthcare team with a wide array of customers nationwide including Alaska. In his role, Michael has helped customers design, customize, and deploy an array of different networking technologies whether it be voice, video, wireless, security, or wide area networking. 


GCI is the largest Alaska-based and –operated, integrated telecommunications provider, offering wireless, voice, data, and video services statewide. Since 1979, GCI has invested over $3 billion to bring the latest telecommunication technologies to Alaska, reflecting GCI’s ongoing commitment to the innovation Alaska needs to support industry, education, health care, job growth and livability for today and the future. Learn more about GCI at


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