Medical Network Solutions

The foundation of great telehealth is a dependable, secure network. GCI's Medical Network Solutions build networks that grow and adapt to meet every need. We can give your organization access to the resources, facilities – and most importantly, the patients – that achieve your healthcare and business needs.

Our approach to medical networking is based on a powerful combination of telecommunications and healthcare experience. For 17 years, our team has provided medical network solutions to some of the premier healthcare organizations in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We understand the challenges associated with designing, implementing, and managing a network of remote facilities that have the responsibility of saving lives.

We also understand the technical complexity involved in maintaining a secure and reliable healthcare network. After evaluating your needs, we will either connect to an existing network, or create a private medical network for your organization that is scalable and customizable to your unique needs. We will design, install, and manage this medical network so that you and your facilities can collaborate in new and more effective ways.

Private Medical Networks

Basic medical networks often are provided with an off-the-shelf technology, such as a VPN, but these approaches are limited in their effectiveness. GCI Healthcare does much more. Our understanding of your technical and clinical needs gives us the ability to design, deploy, and support a powerful custom medical network.

Moreover, healthcare organizations that want to successfully transition to telehealth need more than a service provider. They need a trusted partner who can help them navigate the challenges associated with new technology adoption and transforming business processes. They need a reliable partner that will be there at all hours of the day and night for full customer and technical support. And they need a strategic partner that will work with them as they expand and improve their delivery of patient care.

GCI Healthcare stands ready to become that partner. We understand that every healthcare environment is unique – different data types, bandwidth needs, applications being used. We will work with you to design a custom, private medical network solution, deploy it, and then provide professional 24/7 support. Our network solutions support the latest IP-based applications such as video conferencing, VoIP, image exchange, EHRs, and much more. Whether you are a major hospital network, a blood bank, or a dialysis center, we can help you achieve your telehealth goals through a customized turnkey medical network.

The ConnectMD Medical Network

The GCI ConnectMD Medical Network is a collaborative healthcare environment of more than 250 clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations. It constitutes the largest medical network in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

ConnectMD was originally designed to support the secure exchange of health information between health organizations, and to promote telehealth adoption as a driver to expand care and increase efficiency. For 17 years, membership has steadily increased. Today, the network covers the furthest reaches of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, with physical points of presence from Portland to Barrow. Organizations on the network can securely and reliably exchange medical data – including voice and video communications – between rural and urban locations across the region.

Some of the most advanced and innovative applications of telehealth occur every day on the ConnectMD. The medical network supports the latest IP-based applications, including video conferencing, VoIP, and an ever-increasing list of telemedicine applications. As a technically agnostic platform, members of the medical network may use whatever technology and applications they choose. Members of our medical network include facilities of all types and sizes, from small rural facilities to specialized urban treatment centers.

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